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> [no Solution Yet] Blank Imei,blank Iccid, Blank Modemfirware - Please Help
post 26.11.08 19:00
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There we go.Hopefully,I explain my situation clearly.
I got this iphone from one of my friend. He said he couldn't work it out and I thought I could (how foolish). So the problem is, there is no IMEI,no ICCID and no WIFI. And I keep of getting, the "Repair needed-cannot make or receive calls" message.Iphone was on 2.0.2 firware.
Following are "Solutions tried" and the "Result obtained"
Solutions tried 1:-
I tried to restore/downgrade to 1.1.4
Result obtained for 1:-
The restoring process got stuck at the message "Restoring firware". So, I just pulled the usb plug after 40min.Now I am stuck with "Itunes-usb arrow" logo.

Solutions tried:-
Whenever I try to restore/downgrade to any (I have tried 1.1.4,1.1.3,1.0.2) i either have one of the following things:-
-> Itunes get stuck at "Restoring Firmware". It takes ages with NO sucess
-> Sometimes, the restoring/downgrading process ends up quickly with an error message "20"

Solutions tried 3:-
I tried the process in
http://www.hackint0sh.org/forum/showthread...ighlight=anysim too but,
in Phase 1 Step 4, the App Installer gets stuck with message "Execute: iphonecomme.exe" and in cmd it gets stuck with message "entering recovery mode". So, I just pulled it and tried going further but to no success.

Solutions tried 4:-
Ended up with same problem when I tried this too :- http://www.hackint0sh.org/forum/showthread.php?t=13255

Solutions tried 5:-
Tried using winpwn
Result obtained for 5:-
Same as 1

Solutions tried 6:-
Tried using Kiphone
Result obtained for 6:-
Nothing changed

Some useful information for you guys about my situation
->I am using windows XP
->Itunes 7.5
->Iphone 4gb (helpful?)
->While using iLiberty when I ticked it to downgrade the bootloader from 4.6 to 3.9FakeBlank, it said somewhere that the bootloader version is 3.9_M3S2.
->Currently, I am in 1.1.4 firmware with no/very less SIGNAL, no IMEI, no ICCID no modem firware with no/low signal.

Please HELP ME!!! I have spend 3 days(NOT BULLSHITTING)and still can't find answer. Please help!!!

NOTE:- When helping,kindly give instructions by keeping in mind that the reader (i.e., me) know very less than you. So, please be very clear.No offence!
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