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> Request For Advice From Newbie, request for advice from newbie
post 04.08.08 19:31
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Hi everyone,
I am completely new to the iPhone craze, but had a request for an iPhone from a friend residing in a country where iPhones are not yet on sale. Ι will be traveling to Norway soon and would like to purchase one, but have to understand what it entails first. I would really appreciate it if someone would be so kind as to take the trouble and explain a few things to me.
1. I understand I will need a first-generation iPhone, and also for it to be unlocked, so my friend would be able to use it with any GSM connection provider's SIM card. Is that what unlocking is for? If not, could someone please describe what unlocking means exactly?
2. Are there any stores in Norway that sell unlocked first-generation iPhones? If so, could you recommend one?
Thank you so very much beforehand.
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post 21.12.08 02:48
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Akershus, Bærum

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It is possible to unlock an Iphone first generation.
However Iphone 3g is not yet possible, even though some people claim they can do it. Anyhow, there are different internet auctions that sell First Generation Iphones. However, if you want to get your hand on one of these, You'll probably have to meet the salesman Face2face, in order to get the Iphone.(I assume you don't have an Norwegian address).

There are NO stores in Norway selling unlocked Iphones. You need to buy one from another person.

In addition, there are several people selling first-generation Iphones already unlocked. So you will most likely have no trouble regarding the unlock issue. However, Unlockshop can do this for you for only 19.99 USD.

Sites that are selling 1stG Iphones are as follows:

Direct Link QXL.NO

Half Direct Link FINN.NO

I'd say it would be best for you to call a person thru Finn.no, In order to arrange a meeting somewhere.
There are maps there to show you where the particular person is located, so you don't have to travel too far.

Click one of the links, type "Iphone" and push "SØK".

If you need any further translations regarding descriptions, just copy paste it, and PM it to me, and I will translate anything if it's needed.

Good luck with your purchase!

[url=http://www.norlegal.no]Norlegal advokatfirma
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